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2023-03-02 01:21:33 By : Ms. Judy Liu

Westmont, Illinois -- Date Issued: February 9, 2023

The Village of Westmont contracts with Waste Management to provide a variety of services. In 2023, Westmont’s Yard Waste, Brush, and Composting Pick-up Programs will begin on Monday, April 3 and continue through Friday, December 15. Biosak Compostable Bags

News Flash • Westmont, IL • CivicEngage

YARD WASTE PROGRAM Yard waste, which is typically grass clippings and leaves, must be placed in kraft paper bags or a container that is 32 gallons or less clearly marked "YARD WASTE".  Each yard waste container or kraft bag MUST have a yard waste sticker, which is green in color, placed on them.  There is no limit to the number of containers or bags you can place out for pick-up on your regular service day, but each bag or container must have a yard waste sticker attached.  Place yard waste next to your garbage cans on the same day as your regular garbage service day.  

BRUSH PICK-UP PROGRAM Waste Management also provides a weekly brush pick-up program that coincides with the Yard Waste Collection Program. Branches and tree limbs must be tied with natural twine into bundles no more than 4 feet long and 1 1/2 feet in diameter.  Each bundle must weigh less than fifty (50) pounds.  Trees, stumps, and branches larger than 2 inches in diameter cannot be collected as brush.  Brush should be placed next to your other refuse on your usual pick-up day.  No sticker is required for brush pick-up.  

ACCEPTED COMPOST MATERIALS Following is a list of items that are accepted in the compost collection program:

Contact Waste Management directly for current information regarding program details and costs. For more information and to sign up for the Compost/Yard Waste collection program, contact Waste Management at or call 1-800-964-8988.

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News Flash • Westmont, IL • CivicEngage

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